About us :

Kuwait Music Academy is a continuation of a 20 year old  tradition of International Music Education in Kuwait by Treasure of Talent 

Treasure of Talents Music Education Program was established by well-known Polish pianists Anna & Cezary Owerkowicz and was running since 1992. 

Many participants of ToT Program continued successfully education at the best Universities and Music Academies in USA, UK, France, Canada and Poland. We are very proud of them.

   Every year our students have opportunity to show their achievements on the Gala Concerts and annual ToT Festival. 

Since 1999 ToT co-organize with Kuwait Chamber Philharmonic Kuwait & Intl.  Music Competition

Our international, highly educated in Europe professional staff ensures the best quality of musical education.

Playing the instrument is not only fun and entertaining, it also provides great exercise for your brain. The same way your muscles can benefit from resistance or cardiovascular exercises, practicing the musical instrument for just 20 minutes a day can help keep you mentally fit. 

Music develops creativity, self-expression, confidence, memory skills, coordination, concentration, poise, esteem, also goal setting, teamwork, possession of abstract language and much, much more. Music overcomes boundaries around and inside human.